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About the Blog

Meena and Mamata started the blog www.millennialmatriarchs.com in March 2018. As the tagline says, it is a blog capturing ‘Musings on Life and Times: Views, Reviews, Previews, Interviews..and Advice’. With a minimum of two posts a week, it has been an exhilarating learning experience. It has been an opportunity explore a variety of topics, a motivation to pay more attention and research things we see every day around us, to write better, to write within a deadline, and most important, to have conversations with people from across the world.

We thought a wonderful way to extend these conversations and friendships would be to take the blog into many Indian languages (no bar to any other languages—volunteers welcome!). And so we reached out to friends who have the facility of writing well in regional languages. And many responded enthusiastically.

We wanted a name that would capture the concepts of diversity, variety and ‘the many’, as well as of dialogue and conversation. So here is www.vividhavaada.in! Starting with Telugu and Tamil, we hope to add more and more languages. These will not be translations, but rather, adaptations into the languages, with relevant context and localization.

Please join us on our journey…

About the VVers

Meena Raghunathan: Scolder-in-chief and mother-in-law to the world at large. Also, an environmental educator for two decades and CSR professional for 15 years. CSR, education, pre-school education, skilling and livelihoods are areas of professional interest. Writing and editing are personal passions.

Mamata Pandya: An environmental educator for over three decades, she wears many hats–instructional design consultant, writer, editor, and storyteller. Lover, collector and translator of children’s books, and avid crossword cracker. In a continuous explore, discover, think and share mode.

Bharthi Kode: A development worker by profession and loves to work on the development projects that affect children, youth and women.  Writer, poet and translator. Worked with the Scolder-in-Chief for about a decade and do not want to miss those gentle scoldings for the rest of the life. A firm believer in humanity and always finds herself stuck between her desire to do endless things and her love to sleep!

Sumitra Seshan : Proud sister of the scolder-in-chief. She is the mother of a son and a daughter and is somewhat struggling to find her feet in her newly promoted role  of “mother-in-law”. An executive of over two decades, she runs the operations of her own technology company that has offices in Canada, India and Mexico. She is interested in painting, cooking new recipes and spending time with family.